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Next Generation Business Centre

The "Petrovsky Fort" business centre is regarded as a restored object of an off plan hotel with other functions. Being the chief design engineer, the “Stroimontazh” corporation initiated the project itself, whose development was also promoted by such prominent people as the honoured architect of Russia, Victoria Struzman, the chief painter of Saint Petersburg, Ivan Uralov, as well as the architects V.Shpritz, A.Mikhalev, the painters S.Repin, V.Sukhov, N.Fomin. One of the first prized was awarded to the “Petrovsky Fort” business center at the international specialized exhibition “MIPIM-2001” in the French city of Cannes. In August 2001, the business centre was awarded with the diploma of the Russian Federation State Committee for Construction, Architectural and Housing Policy as the most thoroughly elaborated investment project. In July 2002 the “Petrovsky Fort” received the diploma as “The Best Russian Development Project”.

From the Idea to its Implementation

In its present form, the building was designed in 1987-1989, then, it was to be a 4-star hotel. The building contractor was the Yugoslavian-Austrian firm named "Tzinex", the customer – the State Committee of the USSR for foreign tourism. During the “Perestroika” period, in 1991 all construction works were stopped due to cut of financing. Since then, this construction project was frozen at the stage of ending of general construction works related to building process. In 2000, the "Stroimontazh" corporation initiated the examination of building constructions of the building by specialists, which led to the conclusion that the general technical state of its main constructions could be defined as satisfactory and not impeding the implementation of the project. At the time when the building was still incomplete, its faзade experiences some considerable damage, so the external form of the present “Petrovsky Fort” differs from the former project of the hotel a lot. There were conducted operations related to marezzo marble restoration, the basement was made of granite. As for the building itself, it was increased by one floor, where a penthouse dedicated for high-class offices was constructed.

The main entrance to the business-centre is also considered to be unique. One can enter the building through the largest in Saint Petersburg (6 metres in diameter) rotating, revolving doors. Over them, one can see an entrance roof overhang of 540 mthat does not have any countertypes either. The “Petrovsky Fort” was constructed with the participation of the most prominent contractors providing the best equipment in their sphere, e.g. the autonomous heating, air conditioning and venting system of the business centre is equipped by the high-class Danish facilities “Danvent”. The water supply and sewage systems of the building were a priority of the official dealer of another recognized German company “Aquatherm”. The elevators are produced by the Finn firm “Kone”. Currently all these components make up the most cutting-edge “stuffing” meeting all the requirements of the declared high class of B+.

Business Architecture

According to the Russian Federation State Committee for Construction, Architectural and Housing Policy, there exist no projects in Russian that can be regarded as compatible to the “Petrovsky Fort” as far as the detailed elaboration of its organizational structure is concerned. Customers and tenants of the business centre can see the true value of its possibilities for managing business and arranging leisure time activities and proper rest.


The basement of the building houses the underground parking for 106 cars as well as technical and utility rooms of engineering services. Besides, next to the “Petrovsky Fort” there is an equipped outdoor parking for several hundreds of cars. It resolves the eternal problem of all business centres located in the city centre, where it is often very difficult to find a place for your car.

A and B Levels

The A and B levels house the main entrance with a large lobby, where one can see elevator halls and the receptionist service. The central part of the floor is represented by a round courtyard (atrium) and a fountain, whose beautiful design can easily compete with the world famous Petergof fountain complexes. The ground floor of the “Petrovsky Fort” can be described as a spacey commercial-pedestrian area. Here, one can visit saloons and shops (their total area makes up 1350 m2), have lunch or dinner in restaurants. So to speak, all conditions for proper rest are created.

On the A and B levels one can find a beauty saloon, a tanning studio, a hairdresser’s, a notary office, a copy centre, a centre of office furniture, three restaurants, shops, the bank “Saint Petersburg”, cafes, etc. The upper nine floors of the "Petrovsky Fort" are occupied by the office center with the total area of 15346 m2. The minimal area of one office room makes up 21 m2, while the maximal one is equal to several floors that can be easily occupied by your company. The high-class open-plan offices of enhanced comfort are located on the 8th floor. The communications services are rendered by one of the world largest telecommunications companies, i.e. “Global One”, providing a high-speed Internet access and the unlimited number of digital phone lines.

"Business City" Project

The development concept of Vyborgskaya embankment implies constructing several modern high-rise buildings on the area of 30 ha, which will become an architectural dominant of this district. The area selected for the “business city” construction includes a part of the embankment from the “Saint Petersburg” hotel complex to the Grenadyorsky Bridge. According to the initial plan, these buildings will be similar to those that exist in Paris and London today. The functional purpose of future high-rise buildings implies business centres of A and B classes, 3- and 4-star hotels. Besides, it is planned that the “business city” will house several trading complexes and one exhibition hall. According to analysts, this “business city” will include the most part of offices of many large companies and business representations.

Apart from providing comfort for businessmen themselves, who would acquire not only offices but the whole complex of accompanying services, i.e. shops, hotels, sports and entertainment complexes, etc., the city could resolve an array of relevant issues. In particular, it would enable to ease the traffic load on the historical city centre and trial a possible scheme of moving industrial facilities beyond the city boundaries.

According to the preliminary data, the development of the most advanced area required above 400 million dollars. This sum includes development of town-planning regulations, transference of industrial facilities beyond the city boundaries, implementation of the whole complex of ecological measures, reconstruction of engineering infrastructure, expenses for paying services of legal and financial advisors. In March 2002 the "Business City" project was represented at the international exhibition “MIPIM” in Cannes. The participation in the largest European exhibition related to real estate projects development is regarded as a very important achievement among investors, developers, advisors and other participants of the investment process. Thus, the fact that the “Business City” was acknowledged to be the best Saint Petersburg project is a positive symbol. Foreign investors got interested in the concept, their specialists did their best to determine possibilities of acquiring land lots and real estate, terms of this area development and parametres of profitability. The English experts dealing with the Dockland quarter reconstruction admitted that the Saint Petersburg project was much larger and more challenging than the London one. Referring to the experience of constructing the business quarter in Berlin, the German senators believe that implementation of the Vyborgskaya embankment project is able to raise large investments in Saint Petersburg. So the world recognized global companies that are in need of office space will obtain a possibility of promoting its activity in Saint Petersburg.

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