Our Team

Experienced and professional
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General Director
Mr. Nikolay Lobas
Tel: +7 812 332-15-35
“I am very proud of our experienced and professional management and operational team who have been at the building since 2005. We focus on our tenant needs and our team is solution orientated, reliable and have strong support from our property manager and our Swiss based owner.”
Ms. Anna Kazandjiska
Tel: +7 812 332-15-35
“We are looking forward to build relationships with a range of retail, convenience and service focused business as our tenants in the business center and also to enhanced the food & beverage concept in the building.”
We have an experienced management and operational team who has been together for more than 14 years at the Petrovsky Fort business center. Our lease managers interact with our tenants on a daily basis and we have dedicated managers who are responsible for leasing and tenant relationships on specific floors of the building.

Our facility management services are provided by Apleona HSG LLC (one of the world’s leading service providers for integrated facility management services). These services include cleaning and the maintenance of the building’s engineering systems and equipment as well as repairs and upgrades of our engineering systems and equipment.
Our property manager is a branch of a Swiss listed investment group Valartis AG https://valartisgroup.ch/en/ based in Russia. Our property manager has more than 20 years of experience in managing Russian real estate investments and developments US$ 1 billion. Our property manager assists our Saint-Petersburg management team and the management team of the building’s owner, ENR Russia Invest http://www.enr.ch/ , a Swiss listed investment company, providing accounting, operational and strategic input.
Leasing Managers
Ms. Anna Zan'ko
Direct No: +7(812)332-15-35 (104)
Mobile No: +7(962)726-48-14
E-mail address: a.zanko@petrofort.ru
Leasing of foors: ground floor, A, B
Ms. Elena Kisterskaya
Direct No: +7(812)332-15-35 (101)
Mobile No: +7(962)726-48-13
E-mail address: e.kisterskaya@petrofort.ru
Leasing of foors: parking, 5, 6, 9
Ms. Veronika Tkach
Direct No: +7(812)332-15-35 (103)
Mobile No: +7(962)726-48-16
E-mail address: v.tkach@petrofort.ru
Leasing of foors: 2, 3, 8
Ms. Natalia Kirushina
Direct No: +7(812)332-15-35 (132)
Mobile No: +7(962)726-48-15
E-mail address: n.kirushina@petrofort.ru
Leasing of foors: 1, 4, 7
Technical Director
Mr. Nikolay Shokin
Mobile: +7 921 993-38-83
e-mail: n.shokin@petrofort.ru
“Our building is in an excellent condition and we offer our tenants a very comfortable environment to work in and to connect with each other. We have an ongoing investment program to maintain and to improve the building for the benefit of our tenants.”
Financial team
Ms. Olga Bogomolova
Chief Accountant
Ms. Anna Zubova
Senior Accountant
Ms. Natalia Chelpanova
Mr. Pavel Tezikov
Financial Controller
Administrative Office and security
Ms. Irina Socevich
Administrative assistant
Mr. Viktor Astapenko
Security Director